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The Home Study Option

To participate in the Home Study version of the Canadian Firearms Safety/Hunter Education Program, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Review the Welcome and Hunter Education in New Brunswick sections
If you have not already done so, review the Welcome and Hunter Education in New Brunswick sections to familiarize yourself with the Firearms Safety/Hunter Education Program, how Home Study works, and who is eligible to take it.

Note: You must be at least 18 years of age to participate in the Firearms Safety/Hunter Education Home Study Program.

Step 2: Obtain the course materials
Course materials may be obtained either by downloading electronic versions at this web site or by purchasing a printed version in package form. For each course, you will receive a student manual, lesson descriptions, and reading and exercise assignments.

Canadian Firearms Safety Course (Part A) course materials
Hunter Education (Part B) course materials

Step 3: Study at home
Complete the reading and exercise assignments for the Canadian Firearms Safety (Part A) and/or Hunter Education (Part B) courses. Make sure you are able to meet the learning objectives described for each lesson, and that you bring your completed assignment questions with you for evaluation when you write your exams.

Step 4: Arrange testing
Contact your local Department of Natural Resources office by phone or in person to arrange a time and place for testing. Make to sure to indicate you are registering as a home study student so that you will be charged the appropriate fee.

All testing is done in New Brunswick, usually at a DNR office. How frequently testing is done varies from office to office so you should schedule your test as soon as possible after obtaining the course materials. This will help minimize any delays between when you complete your studies and when you are tested.

Step 5: Write your exams
There are two exams you must pass.

(1) The Canadian Firearms Safety Course Exam: consists of a practical firearm test followed by a written exam of 50 multiple choice and true/false questions.

(2) The Hunter Education Exam: consists of a 50 multiple choice and true/false questions.

Note: At the time of your exam(s) you are required to provide Natural Resources staff your completed home study assignments as well as proof of identification and age.  

Testing is done by DNR staff using the same exams classroom participants are tested with. Depending on which DNR office you have registered at, you may be required to write the exams on different dates. Each exam normally takes less than an hour to complete and is evaluated upon its completion. The pass mark is 80%.

Successful participants receive:

(1) Documentation necessary to apply for a federal Firearms Licence, and/ or,

(2) A temporary Conservation Education Card that allows you to purchase a New Brunswick hunting license. A permanent Conservation Education Card is sent by mail within a few weeks of the exam.